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Designed to bring out the best in your property, attract the right buyers, and avoid the pitfalls that ruin your home value.

Make up to $25,000 more when you'll sell your house!

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Here’s an excerpt from the Strategic Blueprint – just one of the many documents inside – an 8-page comprehensive checklist, with the most important 100 things you need to consider when preparing your home for the sale. Click below for the a sample PDF file. Don’t bother to save it – you’ll receive your own copy inside the blueprint.

Should You Get These 170+ Pages of Actionable Advice?

Let’s See … Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

You Want To Unveil the True Value of Your Home – Get the inside scoop on how the best Automated Valuation Model – RRP (the big cousin of Zillow’s zestimate) works and what king of valuable information can you get from this 20+ pages report. See your property value the way a buyer’s agent does – crucial for your strategic sales decisions.

You Want To Have The Most Clear And Comprehensive Marketing Plan – The 7 Steps | 100 Points Marketing Plan – helping you to dive into a 30-year honed, all-embracing strategy, used to sell over 1,000 real estate assets over the last 30 years – tailored to the 2023 Florida and Pinellas County market, and helping you discover what truly will sell your home.

You Want To Leverage The Power of Artificial Intelligence In Your Decision Processes – by using homebot.ai – a tool that is pulling from public sources all the relevant information, to assemble your financial picture – a true roadmap for all real estate based strategies.

You Want To Use A Secret Weapon – The Binder – giving you an UNFAIR advantage over any other listing on the market. A game-changing tool to make your home unforgettable in a saturated market. This tool demonstrates your dedication, helping potential buyers remember your home after weeks of searching. 

You Are Looking To Set the Stage In The Most Effective Way – with a comprehensive checklist ensuring your home’s photogenic potential is maximized. Because great homes are sold with great photos.

You Want To Optimize the Home Showings Experience – because you fully understand that each showing is a chance for a buyer to imagine their life in your home. Learn the things to do and not to do, and create a stellar viewing experience for your potential buyers.

You Want To See What’s Behind the Scene – Get an insider look at my methods, pricing structure, and value-adding services. Explore a flat-fee alternative, if you choose to hire me for your home sale journey.

You Are Curious About the Realtor’s Role: 180+ Tasks Explained – Grasp the enormity of a sale process with a birds-eye view of the 180+ tasks an agent undertakes, guiding you from initial meeting to closing.

You Want To Have The Most Successfull Home Presentation Checklist (100 Points) –Another must-have tool to impress your potential buyers. Used with our Marketing Plan and The Binder, it’ll make your home a standout experience.

You Want To Assess Your Chances To FSBO – Gain an honest, clear appraisal of your ability to sell your home solo, based on a comprehensive test, pointing out all the critical and important aspects of a “Sale By Owner” experience

You Want To Check The Legal Documents That You Will Use In Your Transaction – Review essential documents in advance, and strategize your moves before the game begins.

Plus, more invaluable resources to navigate your home sale journey.

If You Checked ANY Of The Above, This Strategic Blueprint IS FOR YOU!

Who Is Adrian↓

A real estate nerd, and a FL REALTOR®. Relevant numbers: 1,000 RE assets sold worldwide (in 4 countries), 6 business books written, 120+ business papers, 30+ years of marketing experience, 2,000+ students taught, 400+ hrs of RE specific training in Florida (within the last year only), 12 certifications and designations.

This Strategic Blueprint has everything needed to get you results when selling your home. 

No stone is left unturned, and you’ll get everything that currently “works”. 

But I can keep telling you how GREAT this tool is, or I can just show you.

You really need to see this Strategic Blueprint with your own eyes to understand the process. I don’t want anything to hold you back from getting your hands on this tool and using it to get the best results out of it.

I guarantee you’ll love this framework and more, you’ll love the results that it will bring to you! With a no-strings-attached, one-of-a-kind satisfaction guarantee!

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If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with what’s inside, simply send me an email and 

I’ll make it right!

There is no hassle, and zero risk for you.

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Hello, I am Adrian Danet, a real estate nerd and marketer.

Studies: Engineering Degree (5 years), M.Sc. (1 year) and Ph.D (6 years). Second degree in Economics (4 years) and Postgrad in Administrative Law (2 years)

An important thing: Never lost money in a RE deal, either for me or for my clients, and not planning to start with you!

My promises to you: I’ll never lie to you. I’ll tell you exactly what I think, in a “no BS” approach. I don’t act like a salesperson, I think about myself as an advisor, having your interest at heart and helping you achieve your objectives.

Adrian Danet – the creator of the Strategic Blueprint

Military Relocation Professional Certification
Listing Strategy Certification
Seniors Real Estate Specialist Designation
Real Estate Negotiator
Pricing Strategy Advisor Certification
Probate Specialist Certification
Resort And Second Home Property Specialist Certification
Short Sales And Foreclosure Resource Certification
Master Of Business Administration Diploma
Residential Listing Certification
200 hrs 2-20 Insurance Course

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Military Relocation Professional Certification
Seniors Real Estate Specialist Designation
Real Estate Negotiator
Pricing Strategy Advisor Certification
Resort And Second Home Property Specialist Certification
Short Sales And Foreclosure Resource Certification
Master Of Business Administration Diploma

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