A good agent can sell your home by offering it for a discount; it takes great knowledge and marketing to sell it for a premium.

The “Strategic Blueprint To Make Your Home As Expensive As Possible Before Selling It” Includes The Following Highly Effective Tools: The RPR (AVM) Estimate Value Of Your Home, The Full 7 Steps | 100 Points Marketing PlanTM And The Magic Bullet – Your Home Presentation ChecklistTM

Start Here - Can I Really Hope To Sell My Home Within Only 30 Days?

I believe the main question that popped into your mind, and maybe the reason that made you click on this post is: “Is this blueprint just a marketing gimmick, or am I really going to get on a silver plate all the knowledge, processes and structures that will allow selling my home inside just 30 days? And more … for free? Really? There is no such thing as a free meal, isn’t it? So, what’s the catch?

I know, it seems a big promise, possibly a slogan without substance, and definitely too good to be true. Well, bear with me just for a moment and hear me out. It is totally OK to be skeptical! In fact, I love the fact that you need validation.

Because once you’ll see the whole logic of the process, and the deconstructed stages of the whole undertaking, you’ll fully understand.

So, if you are circumspect, please check the whole process described in this succession of posts, that I wrote especially for you, my Pinellas County neighbor. Start here and go through the end, because inside this blog, through all the info you are going through you will will be able to grasp many of the details of the process I am using to help sellers sell their homes.

My suggestion would be to take it sequentially. Start with this text – Chapter 001 and go then to Chapter 002 and so on … through everything, till the end. Both the website and the blueprint are packed with valuable and actionable information, that are meant to help you act and immediately improve your chances to sell high.

And after getting your free, personalized and customized copy of the strategic blueprint you’ll see the path. Every piece of information will unfold in front of your eyes. It will be like an A to Z manual, or like an X-Ray of all the things that needs to be done … and yes, if we do them perfectly, in the right succession, at the perfect time, we have a decent chance to succeeding – I mean to sell your home in 30 days or less, for the amount of money you would like to get.

Well, I feel that you raised an eyebrow … and I sense once again your line of questioning: “I mean, Adrian, you seem to be a real estate professional, not a trainer … and you’ll make your money only when directly involved in a transaction, right? How come that you are willing to give away to me your entire game plan? Why would you just lay down for me all your expertise and knowledge, without any compensation? Don’t you fear I will sell my home on my own and cut you out of this? I mean, at my $400,000 home to save your 6% fee – that’s $24,000 that I might use to buy a car, not to pay you … ’cause you taught me for free. This seems to be kind of counter-intuitive, isn’t it? Why would you give me everything to help me run away from you?

Yep, you are right. It is deeply counter-intuitive. And despite that, I am totally doing it. Because I am betting on something that did not change for thousands of years – the human nature and the psychology of selling. I know and you’ll know it as well – through the perfect trifecta: this website plus my YouTube/@SellYourPinellasHome channel, and your copy of the blueprint you’ll have everything.

If you were to read, and go through everything and you’ll sell your home easy, quick and for top dollar, and you’ll made it on your own, and without me I actually would be proud of you. Like extremely!

If this will be the case, promise me you’ll let me know, so I can buy you a lunch and offer you a glass of champagne. Because you need someone to offer you a celebration, as you might be REALTOR® material and I definitely need to meet you! I actually might start to convince you to join our team … where great people are always welcome!

But most probably, even you will attempt to FSBO, there are few chances to succeed in selling your home on your own. Because after going through the information and trying to sell on your own you’ll see how hard, how much time and how effort consuming is the process. You’ll witness the infinite amount of fear, the emotions, the amount of unfulfilled hopes you are putting in a conversation with a prospective buyer, only to see that they will not call again. I do not want to be pessimistic and give you the full spread of what is going to happen … because this post is like the first date. We don’t know each other yet 🙂

Therefore, if everything will happen as I predict, someday you’ll probably want to hire an agent to help you sell. And I will be there when the time comes … because today, as well as tomorrow and in 10 years I will be here, helping my clients sell their home for the highest possible price. And I hope that, based on the huge amount of value that I offered you, through the website and the strategic blueprint, you’ll give me a fair chance to represent you.

But let me make a note here. It can be read as the fine prints. To attain this objective, we would need to fully co-operate! Don’t get me wrong … I will do all the heavy lifting (I mean this is why you will hire me as your agent, right?) but you just need to be onboard and support the decision that we’ll make together.

Also, there might be some mutually agreed upfront costs (don’t be scared … only IF and WHEN we both decide this would be the best for your case … maybe a pre-listing inspection, or appraisal, that you will negotiate with and pay to your vendor of choice). Also, I will probably need your assistance in gathering information, when populating the binder – one of the most effective marketing tools that almost no one is using! (the home deed, insurance papers, old surveys, etc). Nothing crazy, and nothing difficult, but we have to work together.

In order to achieve a fast sale we would need to deploy in the full force my unique and proprietary “7 Steps | 100 Points Marketing Plan”. This is such a pivotal tool, that I developed in years – and most probably one of the main instruments in assuring the success of our project. And you will have to go through the checklist that is extensively presented inside your strategic blueprint. There are 100 small items, that you can take care of, with minimal costs … things that will put thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket. So, we will plan it together, then execute it and celebrate when succeeding.

Therefore, it will not be easy, but it can be done. And I have to admit it … even with my knowledge, experience, full dedication and willingness to do what it takes, there still is a small probability that we will not succeed in selling your home within the first 30 days. I have to admit that, because sometimes bad things happen, even to good people. In such a case I’ll humbly learn lesson your home taught me, try to find a way to make it right to you, and try to become better in the future. However, if we are working as a team, I am confident we will make it through.

But let’s be optimistic here. Let’s start with the next chapter and explaining you what is the strategic blueprint and why do you need it. So please click on the next button on the bottom of the page and let’s go to Chapter 001 – What is “The Strategic Blueprint To Make Your Home As Expensive As Possible Before Selling It” And How This Tool Is Going To Help Me?

As Your Hired REALTOR® My Goal Is To Get You An Offer Within 7 Days And Sell Your Home Within 30 Days, For More Than The Asking Price!

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